Chardonnay - Anderson Valley 2019


This 2019 Anderson Valley Chardonnay brightens your taste buds with bursts of lemonappleand hints of slate with background aromas of peach blossom This wine finds a balance between preserving the freshness of the fruit and a slightly rounded wine texture from our winemaking techniques. 

Terratorium's 2019 Chardonnay employs selective neutral-barrel fermentation. This technique added roundness and layered texture, but minimal oak flavors to the wine. The vast majority of the wine's volume also did not undergo malolactic fermentation, preserving the natural crisp acidity of the grapes from harvest.  Our wine was then aged sur-lie (on its original spent yeast) with occasional stirring early in the barrel aging to provide additional complexity. 

The result is a vibrant wine that pairs perfectly with a sunny patio, serves as a fresh apéritif, or wonderful companion to your next crisp and delicate entrée.


Wine Dork Fact: Chardonnay is often called the "Winemaker's grape." Being a neutral grape the resulting wine clearly showcases the winemaking and aging techniques. Styles in Chardonnay can be rich and buttery or lean and crisp depending on the aging vessel and fermentation techniques. New oak imparts complex flavors and lush texture. Stainless steel provides a lean freshness with crisp flavors.

Wine can also go through what is called malolactic or secondary fermentation. This is a second fermentation while the wine is aging that can impart more rounded texture and flavors to the wine- like buttery notes. Preventing wine from going through secondary fermentation will limit buttery wine aromas in white wine and maintain tartness. 

See our Technical Data Sheet for more details - HERE