1. Question: How will the wines ship to me? 
          1. Answer: We ship directly to your personal residence or a business (i.e. UPS Store, Office Location, etc.) using the address you provide at checkout. A person over the age of 21 must be present to sign for the package.  We recommend shipping to a business location that accepts UPS shipments if there is a chance you will not be home. 
        2. Question: What carrier do you use to ship my wine? 
          1. Answer: Our wines will ship from our facility in California to your location via UPS.  If using a business location to ship to we suggest confirming they accept UPS Packages (note: FedEx stores will not accept UPS Packages). 
        3. Question: Can I visit the Terratorium winery? 
          1. Answer: Currently our winery is not open to the public.  We will periodically do special tasting and wine events so follow our website or Instagram account for the latest updates. 
        4. Question: What is the best way to hear about new wine releases from Terratorium? 
          1. Answer: Sign up for our newsletter. We will periodically push emails to you when we have important wine release information. Don't worry... we hate spam emails too, so we will respect the sanctity of your inbox and email only when needed. We also are active on Instagram (@terratoriumwines) and will announce new wine releases there with instructions on how to buy. 
        5. Question: Do you have a wine Club? I would like to join. 
          1. Answer: Yes!  We recently launched our wine club and can find information on the front page heading under "Club" or click here.  We are offering discounts on orders of 4, 6, 12 bottles for your club shipment and discounts on all other orders. 
        6. Question: Do you ship wine to my state?
          1. Answer: We are a small start up winery working in a highly controlled industry. Each state requires a licensing and approval process before we can legally ship wine into that jurisdiction. We are working to expand the number of states we can offer our wines into. Knowing you're interested and live outside of a state we ship to helps us prioritize our licensing efforts. Send us a note at info@terratoriumwines.com so we know you want Terratorium to come to your state.  
        7. Question: When will I get my wine? 
          1. Answer: We will email you to let you know your shipping tracking information once your order is processed. If you think there has been an issue with your shipment please contact us at info@terratoriumwines.com and we will work to resolve it ASAP. 
        8. Question: My shipment was damaged in transit and arrived with broken bottles. 
          1. Answer: First, we are sorry to hear of this issue and the only place we want to see our wine end up is in the bellies of happy customers. We are here to help. If you find an issue with your shipment please contact us right away (at info@terratoriumwines.com) to let us know the shipment was damaged. Depending on the issue we may offer a refund or replacement wine. Also, photos help us to work with the shipping carrier to address the issue, so please send those as well if you can.  Thank you for your patience in advance. 
        9. Question: Can I buy your wine in stores? 
          1. Answer: Right now we only ship to our customers directly, so you cannot find our wine in stores. We are working to develop relationships with retail partners, so if you are a member of the trade and would like to carry our wines please send us a note at info@terratoriumwines.com. 
        10. Question: I am interested in pouring Terratorium wines at my next event. How can I get in touch to discuss details? 
          1. Answer: The best way to reach us directly is through our email info@terratoriumwines.com