Our story

Our story

How Our Paths Crossed

Our winemaking paths crossed through an unlikely catalyst - the Inside Winemaking podcast. Founded in 2014 by Jim as a way to connect with and learn from other winemakers in Napa Valley, Ben was an avid listener for years.  In 2017, Jim organized a technical winemaking seminar in Napa Valley where we struck up a friendship that inspired Ben, after years of study and home winemaking, to try commercial winemaking firsthand. 

The next year Ben put his day-to-day life on hold, stepped away from a corporate office job, and relocated to Napa Valley to make wine at Seavey Vineyard

Through a record 2018 harvest, we emerged exhausted but still energized from the highs of harvest— capturing our experience on the Inside Winemaking Podcast (Episode 83). Ben also left this experience clear-minded that he wanted to start our winery and met with Jim a few weeks later to plan Terratorium. 

The Name

Terratorium” is the origin word for the French term terroir- or the phrase for how the vineyard environment impacts the flavors of the grapes. This name represents our goal of exploring new and unique terroir. We believe great wine is made in the vineyard and that there are many exceptional vineyards for Terratorium to explore.

Our Goal

Wine can be confusing... we get it. That is why we want to be a simple and direct producer to buy great wine from. We intend to make wines that are unique, committed to thoughtful viticulture, show excellent winemaking, and available at a more accessible price point than many craft wines. 

As a digital brand, Terratorium’s resources go primarily to the quality of our wine over all the other frills. So when you purchase wines from Terratorium we intend for them to drink way above their price point. 

This journey is exciting on many levels for us and we thank you for your support! 

- The Terratorium Team