Shipping Cost Chart

Wine is a perishable product if not shipped properly and there are several factors that increase costs. We get charged for shipping bottles of wine based upon weight and the volume they take up in the truck. Wine is also a highly controlled substance. There are different types of licenses and restrictions for different types of wineries and that limits our flexibility in carriers and how we ship. 

We are committed to doing everything we can to ship wines at the most competitive price we can for our customers. However, as a small winery we cannot offer free shipping like other large corporations shipping less-regulated products. 

Bottom Line: The higher quantities of wine you purchase the lower the cost of shipping per bottle. 

 Shipping Quantities (bottles)
1-3 Bottles East Coast / Mid West $20.00
4-6 Bottles
East Coast / Mid West
7+ Bottles 
East Coast / Mid West


1-3 Bottles  Mountain / Central


4-6 Bottles Mountain / Central $20.00
7+ Bottles Mountain / Central $24.00
1-6 Bottles West Coast $15.00
6+ Bottles West Coast $20.00