Cabernet Franc - Alexander Valley 2018


The Terratorium 2018 Cabernet Franc is a smooth, juicy, and crushable red wine. Perfect on its own or with your favorite dinner entrée. Aromas of dark red berries, summer wildflowersdried herbs are all woven together with the right touch of baking spice.  This wine has an elegant mouthfeel with medium acidity and polished tannins. 


"Wine Dork Fact" - Cabernet franc along with Sauvignon Blanc came together to give birth to Cabernet Sauvignon.  The "apple didn't fall far from the tree" as Cabernet Franc will provide many of the same aromas and flavors that give Cabernet Sauvignon (or 'Cab") the honorary title "King of Grapes." Cabernet Franc, however, provides a slightly little lighter body wine with the dark fruit profile you can expect from Cabernet with earthy, spicy, and perfume-driven complexity. Since it lives in that medium body wine sweet spot Cabernet Franc can stand up to hearty dishes and lighter foods alike making it a quintessential adaptable wine.  

Try on your inner Wine Dork and grab a bottle! ...(or a few) "Cab Sauv" might be the "King of Grapes"... but they call Cabernet Franc "Big Papa" for a reason. 

 See our Technical Data Sheet for more details - HERE